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Tours to Kyrgyzstan
Vacation ideas - Holiday ideas in Kyrgyzstan
Kyrgyzstan travel. Spend your holidays in Kyrgyzstan and choose you best Kyrgyzstan tour package below! Travel to Kyrgyzstan with OrexCA.com

Kyrgyzstan travel is an adventure filled with fascinating cultural discoveries, history and breathtaking natural beauty.
In a country of Kyrgyzstan tourists have the opportunity to travel through living history, not just among remains kept in the confines of a museum, but also experience the silence of the distant past in sites of ancient settlements, temples and tombs - a great place to have rest from impetuous civilization.
Fixed tours Traveling around the South of Kyrgyzstan
Turkestan mountain range region is quite interesting and unusual. It reminds South American Patagonia – same wilderness, winds blowing through, mountain streams with pure water, alpine meadows, herds of yaks grazing peacefully, glaciers surrounded with 5000+ meters Peaks and not a sign of civilization ...
Traveling by the south of Kyrgyzstan Traveling around the South of Kyrgyzstan
South of Kyrgyzstan is a wonderful region, it is beautiful, peculiar, and quite differs from other regions of the country. Warm climate, wonderful nature, white peaks of the mountains, bright colors of oriental bazaar, three thousand years history, and magnificent hospitable people this is not a full list characterizing the south of Kyrgyzstan. Osh is the southern capital of Kyrgyzstan and we suggest to begin the acquaintance with our region with this city ...
Mountaineering Mountaineering
The most northern 7,000 m peak on our planet is Pobeda (7,439 m). The gigantic wall of the peak rises above Zvezdochka glacier at 3,000 and fills the space between the passes of Chon-Teren (5,488 m) and Dikiy (5,200 m) - more than 10 km. The whole massif is a huge snow-ice wall, whose lone crest rises above 7,439 m Severe weather conditions, low temperatures, and high precipitation allow a comparison of climbing on Pobeda with ascents of Himalayan giants. The most complicated routes ascend the northern wall to the eastern side of Pobeda. We offer the ascent of the most popular route from Dikiy pass (5,200 m) across Vazha Pschavela peak (6,918 m)...
Travels along the Great Silk Road Travels along the Great Silk Road
Itinerary: Dostuk - Osh - Chichkan - Son-Kul Lake - Tash-Rabat - Issyk-Kul Lake - Bishkek. Picking up a group from Uzbek-Kyrgyz border "Dostuk". Transfer to Osh, check in. Lunch in the local cafe. Excursions: The central square; The old church (Russian Orthodox); Suleiman – Mount and Museum at the foot of the mount. Excursions to Famous Osh Bazaar. Transfer to Chichkan. lunch on the way. On arriving check in. Dinner and overnight in Guest House or Yurt Inn...
Central Asian Silk Road in 10 days Combined tours in Central Asian countries and the Great Silk Road
Central Asia is a region full of surprises, contrasts and fascinating places to visit. To make seeing Central Asia from many aspects, such as its different cultures, landscapes, traditions and rich history, OrexCA.com has put together a carefully tailored package of tours, which will take you to some of the most interesting historical and environmentally beautiful places in the countries of Central Asia: Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Kazakhstan, Turkmenistan and China...
Trekking tours. Mountains trekking in Kyrgizstan Trekking tours
Nature and wildlife tours – during the tours you will explore the natural variety and beauty of Kyrgyzstan. You may also make pictures of wild birds and animals and fascinating landscapes.
This route will give you the rare possibility to explore the uniquely beautiful Issyk-Kul and Naryn, together with affected severity of Central Tien-Shan, which suddenly opens with delightful lakes Issyk-Kul and Son-Kul ...
The unique horseback trips along the Great Silk Road on the territory of Kyrgyzstan Horse riding tours
We offer you the unique horseback trips along the Great Silk Road on the territory of Kyrgyzstan. You will ride across virgin natural landscapes of Tien-Shan high mountainous area with its pine and archa woods, visit tundra zone, which is covered with edelweiss's, primulas, high mountainous roses and tulips. You will taste the ancient drink of Kyrgyz people - kymyz, enjoy roaring mountainous rivers where you can see trout, visit endless Alpine meadows. In the forest zone you can spend the night by the fire ...
Biking adventures in Tian Shan mountains. Biking in Kyrgyzstan Biking tours in Kyrgyzstan
Inner Tien-Shan is an interesting part of Kyrgyz nature. There are hidden many unique places, such as Arabel Valley, Naryn valley and mountainous pearl Son-Kul lake. Arabel Valley is situated on 3600-4000 m above sea level, this is place of permafrost; it is high mountain tundra with plenty of bogs and lakes. There are about 50 lakes here ...
Fishing tours. The best rivers for fishing in Kyrgyz republic Fishing tour
Kyrgyzstan with its mountain rivers is an excellent place for those who like fishing. Our rivers are full of deferent kind of fish, like amudarya trout (slmo trutta oxianus kessler), schizothorax intermedius McLelland, diptychus maculatus berg (osman), rainbow trout (salmo gairdneri rich). Neither you skillful fisherman or not, you will get unforgettable excitement of fishing in mountain rivers of Tien-Shan. Our firm can organize fishing tours on next rivers of Kyrgyzstan ...
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