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An exotic leisure pursuit is rafting in calm waters and the totally new experience of conquering Whitewater rapids. You can raft through grassy lowlands and vertical rock faces, stopping in the most picturesque locations. Runs in Kyrgyzstan vary from Levels 2 to 4, with trips starting at half a day along the Chui River, which flows through the austere scenery of the eerie Boom Canyon, just two hours from Bishkek by car, and also the nearby Chong Kemin River. Further afield and more rigorous, involving camping, are trips through the Suusamyr Valley (Levels 3-4), including a trip through flooded marshlands and on the Kokomeren River (Levels 2-4), through a fast-changing landscape on the western edge of the Suusamyr Valley. To the west of Naryn, rafting trips go through the dramatic gorges of the Naryn River (Levels 3-4) and here you can camp with nomads. In the autumn of 1999 a group of death-wish rafters from Russia took on the magnificent marble canyons of the perilous Sary Jaz River - and lived to tell the tale.

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