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Motor tours
Southern Kyrgyzstan

Conditions: Every participant should have: warm clothing, rain jacket, trekking boots, sleeping bag. Weight of personal gear is unlimited.
Service: Full board and lodging in hotels and tent camps, guides, interpreters, and transportation during the entire trip and full expedition services.
Season: June-August

The southern part of Kyrgyzstan is distinguished from the North by its exotic colors, climate and culture. During our travels, we will see several beautiful parts of Kyrgyzstan.
The Susamyr valley is a mountainous valley; there are no villages here, and its entire territory is used for pasture. We get to this valley over the Tuya-Ashu pass (3,400m), one of the most picturesque passes in Kyrgyzstan. Along the main road from Bishkek to Osh which follows the Susamyr valley, we arrive at the Toktogul reservoir.
The Toktogul reservoir dams the Naryn River, which flows through the valley of the same name. The Naryn is a mountainous valley, the biggest in Kyrgyzstan. It is narrow and long, it's width is 5-15km, and length 470km. There are 5 hydroelectric power stations on the Naryn River.
The Arslanbob area is interesting for it's walnut forests. The nut forests of the Fergana and Chatkal ranges are the largest in the world. During our travels we can also glimpse beautiful views of the Toktogul and Kurp-Sai hydroelectric power stations and an unforgettable mountain lake - Sary-Chelek.
Osh is the oldest city in Kyrgyzstan. Recent discoveries prove that Osh is 3,000 years old. It is situated in the Ferghana Valley along the Akbuura River, 940-1,070m above sea level. In the center of the city is a mountain called Taht-i-Suleiman, which means "Suleiman's throne". Before the 16th century, the mountain was called Bara-Kukh, meaning "Beautiful Mountain", but when in the 16th century Muslim prophet Suleiman was buried at the foot of the mountain, it was renamed and became sacred.
This trek is a good combination of adventure and cultural tourism. You will visit hidden places of the Tien Shan and the oldest city in Central Asia.

Day 1. Arrival in Bishkek. Hotel accommodation. Rest. Excursion around the city.
Day 2. Breakfast in hotel. Excursion to Ala - Archa gorge. Lunch. Hiking to Ak-Sai waterfall. From the mountaineering camp, group walks along a path which runs through fir forests to a plateau, traversing a slope, finally arriving at a waterfall. Return to city and cultural program (Opera House, Philharmonic Society, etc.)
Day 3. Transfer (280km) to Susamyr valley over passes Tuya-Ashuu (3,400m) and Ala-Bel (3,184m) passing artificial reservoir Toktogul to Kurp-Sai gorge. Along the way, we will gain beautiful views of Toktogul reservoir (the biggest artificial reservoir in Central Asia) and Kurp-Sai hydroelectric power station. Night in tents.
Day 4. Transfer (200km) from Kurp-Sai gorge to Arkit village and further to Sary-Shelek Lake. Sary-Chelek Lake is situated on the slopes of the Chatkal range (1,878m) covered with alpine meadows, mighty Tien Shan pines, birches, and unique ancient walnut forests. The area is rich in alpine lakes. Since 1959, the territory around the lake has been a national nature reserve. Night in tents.
Day 5. Rest day at Sary-Shelek Lake. Easy hiking tour around the lake. Night in tents.
Day 6. Transfer from Sary-Shelek Lake to Arslanbob. Hike to two waterfalls. One of them is 30m and the other 80m. Hike through ancient walnut forests. Night in hotel.
Day 7. Rest day. Excursion to waterfalls and hike to walnut forest.
Day 8. Transfer from Arslanbob to Osh. Hotel accommodation.
Day 9. Excursion around the city, visits to the Osh bazaar, museums. Visit to the Takht-i-Suleiman (sacred mountain which is situated in the center of Osh) and museum in a cave on the mountain.
Day 10. Transfer to Kojokelen gorge. This is a beautiful gorge of red canyons. After lunch, excursion around the gorge.
Day 11. Excursion through the gorge to 12PM. Lunch. Return to Osh.
Day 12. Trip to Obshirsay waterfall. Transfer to Osh.
Day 13. Flight to Bishkek.
Day 14. Return home.

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