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Horse riding tours
To the upper reaches of the Naryn river

To the upper reaches of Naryn river Request for tour price & booking >>>

The Terskei Ala-Too range, with its peaks of more than 5,000m, runs along the southern shores of Issyk-Kul lake for 350km. Its northern slopes are indented with deep gorges covered with the famous Tien Shan pines. The southern slopes have more gently sloping, smooth terrain typical of the southern slopes of the Tien Shan. In the central part of the range, its slopes face south and create a paradise of Alpine meadows.

This horse riding tour takes you across the Barskoon gorge and Juuku, Arabel and Taragai valleys, through alpine meadows and high passes amid virgin natural surroundings. On your way, you will meet wild animals and birds. During your tour you will experience the lifestyle of Kyrgyz nomads.

Day 1. Arrival in Bishkek . Accommodation in hotel. Excursion around Bishkek. Night in hotel.
Day 2. Transfer from Bishkek to Tamga village on the Southern shore of Issyk-Kul lake. Rest. Night in hotel.
Day 3. Trip to starting point of the ride. Morning aquaintance with horses, afternoon trip to the upper reaches of Barskoon gorge. Ride duration 3-4 hours. Night in tents
Day 4. Barskoon gorge - Dongorotne gorge - Dongorotme pass (3,830m) - Dzhuuku gorge. Distance - 25 km, duration 6 - 7 hours. Night in tents
Day 5. Dzhuuku gorge - Dzhuuku pass (3,870m) - Arabel valley. Distance - 23km, duration 6 - 7 hours. Night in tents
Day 6. Arabel valley - Dzhetymbel pass (3,993m) - Taragai valley. Distance - 27km, duration 6 - 7 hours. Night in tents
Day 7. Taragai valley - Kumtor valley - Ashu-Kashka-Suu gorge. Distance - 26 km, duration 6 - 7 hours. Night in tents
Day 8. Ashu-Kashka-Suu gorge - Ashu-Kashka-Suu pass (3,891m) - Dzhuuku gorge. Distance - 28 km, duration 6 - 7 hours. Night in tents
Day 9. Dzhuuku gorge - Bash-Bulak gorge - Chichkan gorge. Distance - 26 km, duration 6 - 7 hours. Night in tents
Day 10. Chichkan gorge - Kiche-Dzhergalchak gorge. Distance - 24 km, duration 6 - 7 hours. Night in tents
Day 11. Transfer to Tamga village. Rest on beach. Night in hotel.
Day 12. Transfer from Tamga village to Bishkek. Excursion around city. Return home.

We hope you like the program and assure you that we are absolutely open to any suggestions to increase the range of our services for the entire satisfaction of our clients and are happy to meet your special requirements.

You can alter the duration of your tour and places of visits by adding one of the extensions. Our tour operator will work closely with you or your travel agent to carefully prepare an itinerary based on your stated interests.

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