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Geological tours
Student Field Work "Geology of the Tien Shan" (22 days)

Practical fieldwork is intended for students of Universities, Colleges, etc, who have common theoretical background in geology.

For special requirements, we may change or redesign the program for Ph.D. students and Graduate geologists in accordance with their specialization. During this geological practical work, participants can learn the geological structure of the Tien Shan region in Central Asia (stratigraphy, magmatism, metamorphics and tectonics, history of geological evolution in the region, mineralogy, geomorphology), they will see and learn methods of field geology and geological cartography, prospecting and mining of minerals, as well as the engineering-geological processes in mountain karst processing.

Day 1,2. Arrive in Bishkek. Excursion around the city. Visits to the museum of geology in the Technical University. Survey lecture on the theme: "Geological structure of the Tien Shan". Excursion to the Ala-Archa gorge. Hotel accommodation.
Day 3. Transfer from Bishkek to Chon-Kemin gorge (120 km) for demonstration of sea basalts. Night in tent camp.
Days 4-5-6. During each day we will take short trips:
- Kichi-Kemin gorge for demonstration of poly-metallics, "Ak-Tuz" mine;
- Boom gorge for demonstration of sediments, volcanic and intrusive formations;
- Visit to mountainous Lake Kalkogur in the upper reaches of Chon-Kemin gorge. Nights in tent camp.
Day 7. Transfer from Chon-Kemin gorge to Orto-Tokoy reservoir, and then to the southern shore of Lake Issyk-Kul (100 km). Along the way, stops for demonstrations of:
- Permian syenite intrusions as influence of the young rift zone.
- Fragments of Archean crystalline basement of the Northern Tien Shan folded belt. Night in tentcamp at Lake Issyk-Kul.
Day 8. Transfer (120 km) from tent camp to Tamga village. On the way, stops for demonstrations:
- In Kadji-Say village for demonstration of Mesozoic coals of the jurassic periods (uranium), red-colored and gray-colored malassa, as a reflection process of forming Cenozoic orogenes.
- In Tosor gorge for the demonstration of kaleseon granites of the Caledonian age. Hotel accommodation.
Day 9. Trip to Barskaun gorge. All day working by the theme- Kaleseonly granites. In the second part of day lecture "Study intrusion formations in example collision granites formations of Caledonia period". Returning to the Tamga village.
Day 10. Transfer (180 km) from Tamga village to the Djergalan coal mine and upper reaches of the Tjup River. Stop to visit the Djergalan coal mine. Excursion with the theme of Intrusion formations in the Northern Tien Shan in example granites of the Terskey Ala-Too range". Night near the Tjup River in tent camp.
Day 11. Hike from the Tjup river through mountainous plateau (3,400m) to the Valley of the Karkara River. Crossing the Tjup river on horses - hike to the plateau (4-5 hrs) and then easy descent. On the plateau participants will see:
- visual display of carbonic sea sediments with fauna;
- fragments of structured volcano of the devonic age, as a reflection gercinic activization in Northern Tien-Shan;
- visual display of gypsum and examples of cave forms on the plateau. Night in tents in Valley of Karkara River.
Day 12. Transfer from Valley of Karkara River over Karkara pass to the Valley of the Sary-Djaz River. En-route, collection of carbonic fauna - brahiopodus. Also, demonstration of sea deposits of glades of the carbonic age, geomorphology of contemporary mountainous valleys, and one of the most important tectonics structures of the Tien-Shan - the Nikolaev line. Night in tentcamp at the confluence of Sary-Djaz and Kensuu rivers.
Day 13. Transfer along the Valley of Sary-Djaz River to its confluence with the Terekty River. On the way demonstration on the theme "Geological structure of the Middle Tien-Shan"
- Sedimentary rocks of the early Paleozoic at the subduction zone.
- Example forms of akrecion prism structures.
- Archaic crystal foundations.
- Gneiss and granites (region of the confluence of the Sary-Djaz and Kuilju rivers) Night in tent camp at the confluence of Sary-Djaz and Terekty rivers.
Day 14. Transfer: Valley of Sary-Djaz river - Chon-Ashu pass (3,800m) - Turgen-Aksu Gorge - Tamga village on the southern shore of Issyk-Kul Lake. En-route demonstration:
- Series of the biggest breaks, which consist of "Nikolaev line" - one of the most important structures in Kyrgyzstan
- Caledonic granites magmatism
- Modern lake topography. Hotel accommodation.
Day 15. Day of rest. Swimming in Lake Issyk-Kul. Working with collected materials, lectures and consultations. Hotel accommodation.
Day 16. Transfer: Tamga - Kochkorka valley - Djumgal valley - valley of the Kokomeren river. On the way demonstration: topography of mountainous valleys. Night in tents in the Valley of Kokomeren River.
Day 17. Transfer: Kokomeren - Suusamyr valley - Ala-Bel pass (3,184m) - valley of Chichkan river - Toktogul reservoir. En-route demonstration:
- On Kokomeren gorge tectonic combination between the Middle and Northern Tien-Shan.
- Example forms of modern mountainous topography.
- Examples of combination exogen processes to engineering buildings
- Accommodation in guesthouse.
Day 18. Transfer from Toktogul reservoir to Osh. On the way, demonstration:
- Talas-Fergana regional faults as an important tectonic structure of the Tien-Shan.
- Structures and textures of stratum deposits in the Southern Tien-Shan. Hotel accommodation.
Day 19. Transfer from Osh to the Kurpsay gorge.
- Sightseeing of Kurpsay dam.
- Continuation of acquaintance with the stratigraphy of the Southern Tien-Shan.
- Night in tentcamp.
Day 20. Transfer from Kurpsay gorge to Suusamyr valley. General lectures. Night in tentcamp
Day 21. Transfer from Suusamyr valley to Bishkek. Hotel accommodation.
Day 22. Return home.

During the entire trip our geology specialists will accompany participants and give them consultations. We will prepare for travel all educational materials, including geographical maps of visited regions, geological maps and lectures.

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