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Festivals in Kyrgyzstan.
Festival of cuisine and Folklore

Food and Drink
Kyrgyz people are rich in their National food culture, and their nomadic lifestyle necessitated highly caloric and nourishing food.

Authentic meals of local cuisine are:
Beshparmak - boiled meat with noodles and bouillon
Boorsoki - pieces of dough fried in oil
Shorpo - traditional Kyrgyz meat and potato soup;
National beverages:
Kumys - fermented mare's milk - a hearty and nutritional drink
Maksym - beverage made of the finest barley, wheat or corn

The roots of Kyrgyz culture go back to ancient times, and an important part of this culture is music. There are many various Kyrgyz National instruments, which differ from each other by the palette and tuning of the sound.
They are:
Komuz (3-stringed lute),
Temir-komuz (metallic, picked idiophone),
Sybyzgy (wooden wind instrument),
Dobulbas (drum),
Chopo-choor (clay wing instrument) and many others.

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