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Central Asia Travel
Combined tours in Central Asian countries and the Great Silk Road. Central Asia Tourism

Look of the past to there you will see the present day. Goodluck in your trip along the great epoch and legendary Silk Road.

We have maintained strong business relations with tour operators, hotels, transportation companies, and other suppliers. We are constantly striving to be competitive in pricing policy while maintaining high quality and a wide range of services.

We offer a diverse range of tour packages, including tours on the Silk Road, cultural and historical tours, exotic tours (including camel rides in the desert and horse riding tours). In addition to our established tour programs, our company has a possibility to organize special tours according to the specific needs, desires and interests of clients. All of these tours will allow you to see Central Asia from an entirely unique perspective.

To make seeing Central Asia from many aspects, such as its different cultures, landscapes, traditions and rich history, OrexCA.com has put together a carefully tailored package of tours, which will take you to some of the most interesting historical and environmentally beautiful places in the countries of Central Asia: Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Kazakhstan, Turkmenistan and China.

Tours are developing on a case-by-case basis, max. 5 days

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  • "Nomadic life". Combined Kyrgyzstan-Kazakhstan tour (7 days)   >>>
  • Central Asian Silk Road in 10 days    >>>
  • Silk Road tour along Kyrgyzstan and China - combination of nature and culture (12 days)    >>>

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